About Me

I'm a pretty boring person, so I'll use bullet points to make it quick.

I am:
  • married to my husband, Matt (going on 20 years- wow!)
  • a homeschooling mom to my two sons (ages 9 & 12)
  • a former school teacher
  • happy to have a sweet Golden Retriever 
  • trying to live my life-long dream of being a writer
You should know that there are two names attached this blog. Sara is one and Eila Oakes is the other. They are both me. My real name is Sara and that is what most people call me.

I created the name, Eila Oakes, for three reasons: 
  1. I plan to use it as my pen name when I become a famous starving author.
  2. I am hoping to keep some anonymity because I know a lot of people, and quite a few wouldn't appreciate my love of horror, zombies, and my occasional use of four-letter words.
  3. I like trees.
As far as writing goes, I'm working on a full-length story that is about... wait for it... Zombies! What can I say? Zombies are fun. I'm not limited to zombies, however. I mostly like to write about people and what makes them who they are. My style tends to be dark because that's often how I see the world.

I have published three short stories
  • I'm honored to have my story share the same space as some amazing authors in Happy Little Horrors, Freak Show, an anthology. My story is called "Through a Mirror, Darkly".