Monday, July 21, 2014

The Terrors of Mardi Gras by Derrick LaCombe

The Terrors of Mardi Gras 
by Derrick LaCombe

A southern twist to a classic horror story. Enter the heart of the Louisiana swamp and explore the mind of a genius and maniac, where Cajun culture meets cutting edge technology. Forget about what you've heard, for fear is only the beginning as you run for your life down world famous Bourbon Street. Don't be late for the biggest free show on Earth. Laissez lês tetes roulent!

Publisher: Independent, June 16, 2014
Length: 55 pages

I gave The Terrors of Mardi Gras 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon and Goodreads
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This story is so much fun! This is the first book by Derrick LaCombe I've read, and I will definitely be reading more of his work. What I most appreciate about this story is LaCombe's ability to create rich scenes with colorful characters. 

The book is quite humorous, but this does not make it any less macabre than it is intended to be. There are a couple loose ends that do not detract from the story, but that seems to be common with short stories. I'm hoping the loose ends mean there will be a sequel to The Terrors of Mardis Gras!

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About the Author

Derrick LaCombe was born and raised in New Orleans,La. Growing up in "The Big Easy," he was exposed to a unique culture, culinary treats, the arts, and of course Mardi Gras! All of these ingredients and a heaping more shaped his creativity and zest for life. He puts this passion into the things he writes about; whether it's holiday fantasies, zombies or Twilight Zone style enigmas, and creates an awesome literary gumbo. Join him on the many adventures YOU'LL both take as he explores the rest of his imaginative mind.

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