Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Splinter (Banished from Hell) by H.J. Harry


For close to a thousand years they waited, waited for the old knowledge to fade away into the mists of myth. Imprisoned, banished, and separated, they waited as the population grew to numbers that could sustain their appetites. Humanity developed habits that made them fat; slow and ripe, memories of the old ways forgotten. They waited for a re-birth of the time of legend, for the time when demons ruled and man was naught but the fodder upon which they fed. They waited for the time when the old gods die and the new were anxious to take their place. They waited for today.
A young man resisted the sweet words of compulsion, forsaking money and unlimited power to be with the woman he loves. It was a condemning of his self to the focus of a demon who had once been banished to a minuscule grain of sand. A demon worthy enough to turn that grain of sand into the vehicle that starts the destruction of the sum of humanities freedom, enslaving an entire species to his will he knows that he can do what no other has. A thousand years ago he was accused of having a god complex when already he has done what god would never do.  
God complex hell, he was god and the earth should rue the day, every day. 

Publisher: Self

Print Length: 229 pages

5 out of 5 Stars
Kindle Version, Kindle Unlimited

I've read a few short stories and another book written by H.J. Harry, so I was looking forward to reading Splinter (Banished from Hell) when I found out it was available. 

The story begins with a creepy vibe that drew me in right away. The creepiness only intensifies as the story progresses, creating a fast-paced, hard-to-put-down book that reminded me of some of Dean Koontz's earlier novels. 

The author doesn't just tell a good story, though; he tells a good story well. I love the little details he includes when it comes to the scenes and his characters. The details are not the tedious kind... he includes just enough to make the characters memorable and the scenes vivid. This tale of classic "good vs. evil" has enough layers to appeal to all types of horror fans. 

I am guessing there will be a Splinter Two, and I can't wait to see how the story continues!

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About the Author
H.J. Harry was born Joseph Hansen In the early sixties. Raised in the northern mid west by parents of faith and good will he went on to do many things as he focused on writing in his spare time. Thirty some years later he self publishes for the first time. 

A natural storyteller, who sees things with a different skew than most, he has focused on keeping things fresh and fast paced. If you came here to see a list of jobs you can just pick something and H.J. has probably done it especially in the blue collar non-agriculture fields. 

Mostly a YA author, you will see multiple fiction genres coming available in future months from true-to-life fiction, to prehistoric fantasy, to post apocalyptic, including zombies. When H.J. Harry is not writing, drawing his covers or fishing, then he is working in his private wood shop, working on his house, helping a friend on their projects, driving a semi or trying to finagle time to go fishing.