Monday, January 12, 2015

Something to Fight For (Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, Book 5) by W.J. Lundy


Brad and his team have returned to the United States only to find that the nation is as devastated as the rest of the world. The Primals are not the only threat to those who survived the outbreak. Hunger, disease, and other survivors are bigger problems to contend with. 

There seems to be a glimmer of hope, however, as Brad's team is enlisted to recover the key to developing a cure to the Primal virus. Time is not on their side as others seek the same objective. This is where loyalty and trust part ways, leaving the team questioning everything they have been fighting for.

Meanwhile, one soldier finds himself in the position of keeping the key to the cure protected at all costs.   

This is a Zombie War Story.

Publisher: PHALANX PRESS; 1 edition (December 10, 2014)
Print Length: 333 pages

Five out of Five Stars (I would give it more, if it made sense to do so)
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When I read the very first book in this series by W.J. Lundy, I never expected it to gradually become my favorite zombie apocalypse series— there was some tough competition for that spot. Up until Something to Fight For, I considered the Whiskey Tango Foxtrot series one of my favorites. By the time I got half-way through this most recent installment, I knew that had changed.

Enough of my fangirling. I will tell you why I like Something to Fight For so much. First, of all the books in this series, this has the most depth; the characters continue to develop, the plot is becoming more intense, and there are some new, interesting characters added to the mix. 

Another reason I like this book so much has to do with the side story that is woven through the plot. The story of Brad and his crew eventually connects with this side story, and I can't help but hope Lundy follows up on this twist as he continues the series. 

What is the "side story" I'm referring to? Well, I don't want to give too much away, but it has to do with a former soldier who finds himself in the position of being the sole protector of a little girl. The story that follows the man and the little girl is both terrifying and endearing. Their story sucked me in and kept me thoroughly engaged to the point where I felt emotionally invested in the book.

W.J. Lundy's storytelling has gotten better with each new book and this one is no exception. I recommend this series highly to fans of zombie fiction, military fiction, horror, suspense, and anyone looking for a fun, excellent read.

About the Author 

W. J. Lundy is a still-serving Veteran of the U.S. Military with service in Afghanistan. He has over 14 years of combined service with the Army and Navy in Europe, the Balkans, and Southwest Asia. W.J. is an avid athlete, writer, backpacker, and shooting enthusiast. He currently resides with his wife and daughter in Central Michigan.

I developed the Whiskey Tango Foxtrot series from notes and ideas I had put together while deployed to Afghanistan. I had been jokingly asked how we would defend against a zombie attack. Escaping the Dead was written in a small spiral notebook and later clicked one key at a time into a word document once I arrived back home. At the success of the short story, the series was born.

All along, I wanted to tell a story that portrays the military that I know, the people I serve with, their characteristics, and something that shows our true, actual capabilities. These are my thoughts. I hope you enjoy them, and thank you for reading.

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